2017 - 2020

Travmspace [Emergency room] is a socially-engaged anthology, which functions as an archiver and catalog aimed at preserving documentary evidence, at (re)searching and publication of analog and digital arrays of the Ukrainian context. Through switching between recording and reading of personal histories and public data, we extract and revise contents in the text form and spaces of immediate and mediated, voluntary, forced and unintended.

Travmspace gives authors the opportunity to be published and gives readers access to a new material 'as it is'. Project is not aimed at artistic writings as its structure falls under literature traditions and assumes the usage of various tricks, techniques and styles; for us, it is important to keep the writings untouched, with flaws, mistakes and uncertainties as they document the subjectivity, class, identity.

Together with the admission of essays, written evidence and diary entries, the initiative works with second-hand text products of organized livelihood, ignoring its applied potential in favor of its artistic and political reading that problematizes the limits of automatism.