This Is Way Over the Line.


From time to time, I’ve been having the same dream of feeling an intersecting body which becomes immensely big and impossibly small, wherein its borders are not to be sensed or drawn — only lived through. So-called us are standing on the past, untwisted in our continuity, not being a part of any agreements concluded before. If one restored the world from memory — a point zero from where a conversation could begin.

In order for statement to be one, it has to have borders.

Paradoxically, we are dealing with a cryptographic weaving of the symbolic, which not only maintains the uninterrupted control over being and swallows its controversial parts, but denies its own basis as something mythological, leading all production capacities towards serving and reproducing a certain legitimate, universal, basic reality. The power of myth is discovered among abstract base of images, in suitability of overlapping or rewriting, a creative actualization inside the white spots. What and how to be said about yourself always depends on your interlocutor.

The myth of power appeals to the Big History and constitutes the peculiar interpretation of its own, which conceptualizes inalienability of territories, therefore just being a grammatically correct judgement. The distance dissolves myth of power and makes its borders weak and unimaginable. If the simplest symbolic meanings — attributes of statehood — could be reproduced, then the limits of deconvolution are always hidden and secured. The question of scale then can not be solved, as the idea of unity itself abolishes subjects and phenomenons — if they come into conflict in any way.

The border represents territorial limits of power and acts as cultures’ splitter, for cultures which are getting complicated in two radically different directions from each other, where relations between internal and external, given by the myth of power, confer the difference with the negative meaning. The whole idea of delineation thus becomes conflictual, whose main point is not only ignored by birds, animals, insects and smuggling, but also being undermined through everyday practice of graphic end-outline marker reproduction of borderlines from memory, converting the connected lines into a political act.